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Welcome to Danes Hill School VLE
by Anna Davies - Tuesday, 15 September 2015, 07:12 AM

This website is designed by the staff to assist your learning away from the classroom. Each department will be creating courses which will contain varied activities and research ideas. You can log on to this site anywhere in the world and access your courses.

Have Fun big grin

Please be aware - everytime you login and use this site, all your actions are logged surprise

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Notes for Mac users: Some of the links found on certain courses point to websites and activities beyond the school. As the school uses PCs, these links and activities are only tested from Windows based systems. If there are problems with any of the links, please contact me via email and I will investigate.

Technical Note:

You will find that many staff have supplied Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Adobe files for you to read. If you do not have MS Office at home, you can still read the documents if you have the correct viewer installed. Please follow the links below to download and install the correct viewer or software.

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